Another militant group is in town.

It is known as the New Niger Delta Avengers and it was inaugurated on Wednesday.

Like the other militant groups, they are also threatening war on crude oil production in the oil rich Niger Delta.

The new group's inaugural statement was signed by a Corporal 'Oleum Bellum', a Latin phrase that loosely means "oil war".

This new group is coming amidst government’s efforts to hold peace talks with Niger Delta communities to try to end the sabotage that has brought the economy to its knees.

"By this declaration, we are resurrecting the spirit of insurgency to demand for a better deal for our people," the New Delta Avengers' statement said.

"We are going to do this through bloody attacks and destruction of oil assets in the creeks and upland areas so as to disrupt and eventually cripple oil prospecting and production operations in the state," the statement added.

But the group said its main grievance is with the governor of Delta state, Ifeanyi Okowa, who it accuses of diverting funds from programmes meant to benefit Delta state.

"Like the biblical Pharaoh, only extraordinary undertakings can soften his devilish and hardened heart towards the oil producing areas of the state," the group said of Okowa.

But a spokesman for the governor denied the group's accusation that he was "showing nepotism and favouritism in sharing the states common wealth".