Africa appears to be doing better in terms of governance compared to where it was decades ago.

But security fears and a lack of jobs on the continent have eroded whatever governance gains are being made, a study by Mo Ibrahim Foundation showed on Monday.

In fact the study warns that some promising nations have already "lost momentum".

The annual Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which is watched closely by the continent's governments, also pointed to a deteriorating business climate and poor job creation.

The report ranks countries according to their development in an array of categories between 2008 and 2017.

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It showed Africa's progress being led by a handful of nations that pulled up the average, "while in many others momentum continues to falter".

The progress is best where there is peace, government transparency and respect for the rule of law.

It showed the biggest strides being made in Kenya, which moved up eight spots from 19th to 11th place; Morocco, from 25th to 15th; and especially Ivory Coast, which jumped from 41st to 22nd among 54 ranked countries.

The top-five countries, ranked by their cumulative points across all indexes, were Mauritius (79.5 points), Seychelles (73.2), Ivory Coast, (71.1) Namibia (68.6) and Botswana (68.5).

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Speaking on the report, Mo Ibrahim, Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, said: “We welcome progress in Overall Governance, but the lost opportunity of the past decade is deeply concerning.

“Africa has a huge challenge ahead. Its large and youthful potential workforce could transform the continent for the better, but this opportunity is close to being squandered.

“The evidence is clear – young citizens of Africa need hope, prospects and opportunities. Its leaders need to speed up job creation to sustain progress and stave off deterioration. The time to act is now.”

You can read the full report HERE.

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