It is well known in Yoruba tradition that only the council of chiefs can make the death of a king public.

But the man, Abiodun Awotoye was said to have announced the death of the Olomu of Omu Aran, Oba Charles Ibitoye.

Albeit innocently, he made a broadcast to the public about the demise of the monarch when the traditional authority of the community and the government of the state had not made it official.

The situation drew the ire of the Omu Aran traditional council.

However, days after his goof, the Olomu in council says it has forgiven Abiodun Awotoye.

The council announced this after its meeting in Omu Aran, following the passage of Olomu of Omu Aran, Oba Charles Ibitoye.

The Omu Aran traditional council said it decided to forgive the man due to "people's pleas on his behalf".

This is not the first time the announcement of the passing of a king is causing such ruckus. 

The death of the immediate past Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade also went into public space ahead of the announcement by the Ooni in council.

Perhaps, moments like this come to remind us that this is the information age.


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