Kevin Spacey cost the creators of ‘House Of Cards’ a lot of heartache, time and money following the numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault.

This is because he was fired from the show while they were shooting the sixth season, on grounds of sexual misconduct.

So in quite a short space of time, the screenwriters have come up with new narrative arcs which exclude the presence of Frank Underwood and which focuses instead on his wife, Claire Underwood for one last season of the political drama.

Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright, will appear for the last time alongside the other stars of the series.

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Giving an advanced warning to lovers of the political series, Netflix  has revealed the launch date for the sixth and final season of House of Cards, comprising eight episodes – five less than all the other seasons will be available online on November 2.

Netflix has revealed an official poster for Season 6 of House of Cards, at the same time as its release date.

All we can do now is wait patiently until early November to see how Claire Underwood creates her own political intrigue in the sixth season and final season.

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