Mrs Peace Uzezi Akpobaro’s death is still a shocker to her neighbours and the mystery surrounding her alleged suicide has continued to take different shapes.

The death of the mother of two has left them with so much questions that they have not found answers to.

Bounce News' correspondent, John Debie, visited the residence of the deceased at Iwhrekpokpor, Ugheli in Delta State and met with the late banker’s neighbours.

One thing most of them said was that she was "too kind to die".

Mrs Akpobaro’s alleged suicide has been linked to her husband’s infidelity. 

One thing that people in the neighbourhood are worried about is what could have possibly motivated a successful career woman who had everything going on well for her to commit suicide.


A resident in the neighbourhood, who pleaded anonymity, said she saw the deceased when she was returning from work on the day she allegedly took her life.

“I asked her why she came back from work early and she said that she wanted to tidy up some things. There was no sign that she was going home to kill herself. 

"The woman has respect and she is peaceful. She will greet you three times if you see her three times in a day. Only God can tell what made her commit suicide," the neighbour added.

Reports have flooded the internet about the husband bringing his mistress home as a second wife, but another neighbour gave the true situation.

More revelations about banker who committed suicid
Mrs Akpobaro's residence has been abandoned

"I have been to the house on several occasions when the woman would beg me to help her put on the generator and she was always alone with her children except for few times when her sister comes visiting. 

"She was always looking for someone to help her put on the generator in the evenings because her husband was not always at home because of his work.

"So, I don't think it is possible for such a thing to happen," he concluded. 

Bounce News tried to reach a man whom residents of the street said led the rescue mission after receiving a call from the husband of the deceased, but he wasn't home, and all attempts to reach him were unsuccessful. 

We managed to strike a conversation with his wife over the issue, but she was careful with her choice of words probably because she was not sure of her safety in the matter if she said so much.

"The woman is a banker," she said.

"I don't think she lacked anything. I know that like every other family they might have had issues, but they were living peacefully to the best of my knowledge. As to why she killed herself, my brother I don't know o," she said. 

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The residence of the deceased was under lock and key when Bounce News visited.

It was reliably gathered that the husband of the deceased, Umukoro Akpobaro, was in tears when he eventually came back after the incident to lock up the apartment and take the kids to his mother-in-law's house. 

Meanwhile, the Mr Akpobaro, who it was gathered is a staff of the Africa Independent Television, (AIT) Oghara office was arrested by the police and taken to the force CID.

He has been released on bail and would be charged after police has gathered more evidence and information about the alleged suicide.