The One Nigeria Agenda received a boost after the coalition of Niger Delta militants withdrew the quit notice they issued to Northerners and Yorubas where they set teh 1st of October 2017 as a deadline.

According to a new group, the Pan Niger Delta People’s Congress (PNDPC), who have claimed that they have the mandate to negotiate for the Niger Delta with the Federal Government also claimed they have the blessing of the issuers of the quit notice to withdraw it.

The coalition comprises the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers; Niger Delta Joint Revolutionary Crusaders Council; Niger Delta Supreme Egbesu Fighters; Niger Delta Red Scorpion Fighters; Niger Delta Youth Mandate for Justice; Niger Delta People’s Liberation Force; Niger Delta Fighters for Resource Control; Niger Delta for Urhobo Resource Control; and Bakassi People’s Liberation Force.

They appointed His Royal Majesty Pere Ayemi-Botu, paramount ruler of Seimbiri Kingdom as the head of the PNDPC and named Chief Mike Loyibo as the coordinator/ convener of the group.

Loyibo announced the withdrawal of the quit notice stating that the youths are ready to step back after being educated on the implications of the quit notice.

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