The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS will soon commence a nationwide survey on water, sanitation and hygiene in Nigeria.

The Bureau said on Tuesday that the move was part of measures aimed at achieving sustainable management of water and sanitation as highlighted in goal six of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The survey, according to the Statistician General for the Federation, Dr. Yemi Kale, will be conducted in collaboration with the United Nations International Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

Kale said the outcome would help the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Water Resources, and UNICEF to make informed decisions on how to improve access to clean water, good sanitation and hygiene.

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He stated that previous data compiled by the NBS had shown that as of 2015, only 69.6% of Nigerians had access to safe drinking water.

He added that 60.3% of Nigerians used safely managed sanitation services, including a hand-washing facility with soap and water.

Based on the NBS compilation, Kale stated that the data also showed that only 48% of Nigerians engaged in regular hand washing, while 0.04% of wastewater was safely treated by 2016.

Kale said that available data suggested that 28% of Nigerians indulged in open defecation, a development he described as not good for the country’s image.

This, he stated, necessitated the need to have a comprehensive data for the country to tackle water, sanitation and hygiene challenges.

“This survey will provide further context on previously published data on water access, sanitation and open defecation,” the NBS boss said.

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