The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC, is fining 12 radio stations for carrying unverified information.

In a statement released by the body, it was revealed that the stations across the country were punished for hateful speech, vulgar lyrics and unverifiable claims.

A total of 600,000 Naira will be collected from 3 radio stations for hateful speech, while 500,000 Naira will be collected for indecent musicals from 4 radio stations, and unverifiable information or fake news getting the bulk of the fines with 1.5 million Naira expected from 12 erring radio stations.

The NBC spokesperson, Maimuna Jimada warned that payments should be made to the NBC account, with higher sanctions awaiting stations who fail to comply.

In June, the Federal Government directed the NBC to sanction any radio or television station that broadcasts hate speech.