It's 2-0.

Golden State Warriors led by Kevin Durant showed no mercy. They were ruthless and clinical at the same time. 

The business of the day was to stop the King James' led Cavaliers from winning the game; and they did it.

The Cavs looked much better than the first encounter but the Warriors were quite ultimate as they got every move spot on winning 132-113. 

It was Golden State’s 14th consecutive win in the playoffs, besting the longest postseason win streak in league history.

After the game, James summarized how it must feel to face the Warriors in this sort of form. Asked what he needed after the game, he replied simply: “some food ... and some wine.”

Leading the Warriors’ effort – again – was Kevin Durant, with 33 points. He did it all. He made incredible plays off his own rebounds. He swatted away the ball from several defenders, including James. He even made a shot while falling to the ground.

Team-mate Steph Curry danced circles around his defenders with some nasty crossovers scoring 32 points in his triple-double performance. 

The crowd shot to its feet whenever Klay Thompson scored. The Splash Brother has been struggling in the postseason but slipped out of his slump, adding 22 points and 7 rebounds. 

Andre Iguodala also had a colossal block on Channing Frye that brought the crowd to its feet.

With the finals seemingly concluded, everyone keeps asking who wins MVP?