Life throws us lemons, but the ability to make lemonade out of it is what really counts. 

Here is a typical scenario of how some residents of Bayelsa are choosing to turn their lemons to lemonade. 

The rain in Bayelsa State has maintained momentum, causing havoc in different communities in the coastal state and ensuring that the name of the oil-rich state is now added to the list of states with flood disaster. 

Agudama Epie in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State is one of such locations where residents are now getting used to flooding issues. 

While this is a disaster, for some persons it has become a time to have fun. 

Splashing water on each other, three young residents of Agudama Epie have turned the flood in their compound to a pool or better put, a flowing Jacuzzi.

In the water, they bathed and had fun.  

It was a sunny day and the vicinity was quiet, as some residents had gone to church while others had relocated.

Many people have been forced to lock up their homes, businesses and offices, as a result of the ravaging flood.

Smiling, a landlady, Amby Spiff, told Bounce News that the flood that has now become a pool started gradually. 

"It was small just like normal stagnant water after a downpour. 

"Suddenly, it expanded to the side of the road and became deep," she explained. 

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Her fear, however, is that the pressure of the flowing water might lead to the collapse of some houses in the area.

"It can't be stopped but it can be managed if we collectively support each other," she added.

Bayelsa residents turns flood to pool

Pointing at what used to be his room, another resident that has been sacked by the flood, Mr Osagie Omorogie, said: "I have packed some of my belongings and currently stay with my bosom friend at Kpansia Road.  

"I visit once every week to check if the flood has receded".

He, however, expressed fear that more tenants would be forced to relocate.

Some residents returning from church had to stop before the flood, remove their shoes, folding their trousers or lifting the hem of their skirts before crossing to the other side of the community.   

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A 'monkey' bridge constructed with planks across Epie Creek, led into the internal part of the village.

Pastor Solomon Igor of Jehova Revival Ministry, Agudama Epie, revealed that he had to cancel church activities for over three weeks now because flood has taken over his church.

"I will definitely loose members after the flood, as many people have relocated into town for safety.

"In all things, we give God the Glory" he concluded.

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