The most circulated music movement on social media is inspired by Gospel musician, Nathaniel Bassey.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God minister has created the widely acclaimed #HallelujahChallenge online.

Earlier this month, Bassey announced that he was starting a one hour worship session on his Instagram page at midnight for thirty days and invited his 165,000 followers to join in.

In just a few days, participants had grew from a few thousand to more than 20,000.

Christians from all parts of the world have joined in the Hallelujah Challenge creating  what some people have called it a spiritual revolution, with many giving testimonies of the miracles that have happened to them while participating.

The movement has caught on like wild fire and has been circulated further than Instagram where it started: it has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, BBM and via Whatsapp and there are talks of an Hallelujah Festival to mark the conclusion at the end of the month.

His use of Instagram to spread the gospel started in May when he commenced the #TheOneHourTongueChallenge where he enjoined his followers to pray by speaking in tongues.

Please join me in a few minutes for some briefing....

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