The atmosphere around the National Assembly in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, is a tense one at the moment. 

Lawmakers are in shock and have resorted to pushing their way through into the complex.

Some have resorted to calling God for intervention since the law they make appears to be failing them. 

The whole thing started on Monday after reports circulated that the leadership of the National Assembly had scheduled an emergency meeting for Tuesday. 

After a week of recess, that the ruling party had asked the leadership of the National Assembly to end, the lawmakers prepared on Tuesday to hold the meeting, but there was a different plan waiting for them. 

dss takes over national assembly

In the morning on Tuesday, before the lawmakers, staff and reporters got to the complex, officials of the Department of State Service (DSS) had taken over the National Assembly, stopping everyone from gaining access into the building. 

It was a thing of shock for the lawmakers, but not so much to Nigerians who are getting used to such situations. 

The law appears to be failing and a member of the House of Representatives, Boma Godhead, could not hold her grievance as she called God into the matter. 

Addressing some personnel of the DSS, Godhead said: "I dare you to shoot this bullet and Nigerians shall face you.

"Go back to your station. 

"You cannot come here and embarrass us and also oppress us here. 

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"Was it the same thing Jonathan did to Buhari? If Goodluck had done this, would Buhari have become a president? 

"You cannot do this to us. 

"You come here with masked face and bullet in your gun to intimidate who? Enough is enough in Nigeria".

After she gained access into the complex, she Said God will intervene in Nigeria's situation.

"Except there is no God in Heaven then this democracy will go down. But I know that my God will defend this democracy," she prayed.

dss takes over national assembly

Within the confines of the National Assembly in Nigeria, almost at every corner, one will find warnings that guns are not allowed. In fact it is a taboo to have guns come in. 

Outside the complex, DSS officials are armed to the teeth, but withing the complex police officials are seen without guns.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce also spoke with reporters, saying that all offices are locked and the air conditioning system had been totally shut down. 

"With some pushing and shoving they allowed us into the chambers. 

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"The chamber is shut, no air conditioning. No staff. We can't do any work.

We are in the foyer waiting. 

"We are waiting for Senator Akpabio to invade the National Assembly," he told reporters.

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Senator Murray-Bruce also said he had called the British embassy and had gotten in touch with the American government reporting the situation of things.  

Some other lawmakers were also accusing President Muhammadu Buhari, who is in London on vacation, of sending security personnel to invade the National Assembly. 

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