The importance of sight cannot be overemphasised, as it is the gateway to the world.

The eye is one of the most important parts of the human body. As a sense organ, it allows for vision. But there are some diseases fighting the eye, even in infants.

Some of those eye diseases are hereditary, while others are contracted.

For four-year-old Dominion, it appears his eye challenge is inherited from one of his parents.

Dominion is suffering from hyperopia, popularly known as short sightedness. It is a deficiency he has been suffering from birth.

His parents have made effort to rectify the condition, and they were asked to get glasses for him.

But they taught the boy was too young to use glasses, hence the little delay.

Dominion’s mother, Victoria, told Bounce News that the eye glasses cost about 12,000 Naira, and even if the figure is really not the issue, they were glad to get an assistance.

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Victoria said Dominion could not watch television from a distance because he wont see the images.

“He has to stand right where the TV is, like he wants to enter inside."

However, solution seems to have come his way when AMA Foundation (AMAF), a nonprofit agency providing support in three key areas – Health, Empowerment and Education, visited his community at Karu Local Government in Nasarawa state.

Though Karu is a community for average people, medical bills is one of the challenges suffered by residents.

AMA’s mission to Karu was to create positive impact on the lives of people with various eye challenges.

Elder brother David was given an eye drop after undergoing some eye exercise, while Dominion himself was recommended to a hospital as his case seemed serious.

The duo were among over 100 children and adults who benefited from the project.

According to the founder of AMA Foundation, Abdullahi Musa Bello, the growing number of health and social issues affecting Nigerian societies is alarming, hence the need to save the citizens from the menace.

“The dwindling public healthcare and public education has affected tremendously, the quality of educated people in Nigeria.

"We believe that we can contribute in reversing the trend by promoting tolerance, contributing to improved public education as well as promoting tolerance among our people.”

“I am not a politician, and I don’t get money from the government. I do this just to lift the spirit of people and give Nigerians a better life which they deserve,” he told Bounce News in Karu.

“It is unfortunate how politicians have used religion and tribe to divide us, leaving people to suffer.

"No basic amenities, nothing. We will continue to do our best and hope other capable Nigerians will do the same.”

Most of those that benefited from the project got eye drops, and for those that needed glasses, they were referred to a hospital.

They felt relieved to have benefited from the project, as they returned home with smiles on their faces.

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