We see them. We patronize them then some of us take advantage of them - physically and psychologically.

Each time you roll down the car window in traffic and purchase that quick snack or drink, you are supporting, financing and encouraging child labour.

Think for a minute would you allow your own child, born of your loins engage in such an act? NO! So, why allow others?

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons has described parents whose children hawk as negligent and greedy.

The Director-General of NAPTIP, Julie Oka-Donli said in most instances the parents are seated at a stall or shop with the rest of the items to be sold but engage the 'free' services of their children to serve as mobile vendors.

She said this in Abuja during a press briefing to mark the 2017 World Day Against Child Labour.

The agency says it is watching and such parents and guardians that support child labour. They would soon be arrested and prosecuted. Okah-Donli explained that children are gifts from God; and parents have the responsibility to take care of them until they are of age to fend for themselves.

She, however, expressed regrets that many parents are feeding fat on the sweat of their children by making them bread winners at a very tender age.

According to the International Labour Organization, the number of working children under the age of 14 in Nigeria is estimated at 15 million.