Once December rolls in, we all know the next thing on everyone’s mind is Christmas!

It is the season of giving and receiving as well as spending quality time with people that truly matter in your life.

As a correct Nigerian babe who knows how to treat her man right, you know this is the time to spoil him a little especially if you haven’t being doing so, and he's been a  good boy. 

However, as much as you want to make him happy with a gift, you need to put in extra effort to make sure what you’re giving him is something remarkable that he would cherish for a long time even after the Christmas holiday is over.

Here are few items you should avoid getting your partner this Christmas

With that said, whatever you do this yuletide season, please do not buy your boyfriend any of the following gifts, switch things up a little.

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1. Hamper: Nigerians like hampers like no man’s business. Unfortunately, if you buy your guy a hamper filled with edible treats only, you’ll simply be one of the many people doing that because it’s likely that one of his colleagues or his boss or a family member would also get him a hamper. We know they say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach but if you must gift him something this Christmas, get him something of value like a belt or a wristwatch or even a wallet. Those will be useful to him after Christmas and he will genuinely appreciate it.

2. Underwear: Earlier this year, some Naija guys went on Twitter to protest about women buying them underwear as Valentine gifts every year. The truth is, some Nigerian women are lazy when it comes to thinking about the right gift to get their men. If you buy your man underwear this Christmas, he’ll believe you couldn’t care less about getting him a proper gift or that you got it as an afterthought. As in, “Make e no be like say I no buy am something.” That’s not nice at all.

3. Wine: An average Nigerian guy likes a good wine and enjoys a drink every now and then, but that doesn’t mean you should wrap a bottle of wine in a fancy foil and present it to him as a Christmas gift na. Haba! Will he drink the wine throughout 2019? Please think about something else that he likes and get it for him, as long as you can afford it.