#Dollar became the talk of the town and people began to share it, but one thing they failed to see was that social networks have becomes places where elections are rigged. 

By the time you get to the end of this article, we must have been on the same level of thought concerning how free, fair and credible the result of Nigeria's election will be.

How will you feel, if Nigeria’s currency suddenly appreciates by nearly 100% against the dollar?

Apparently very excited, because it means that the cost of those foreign items you love to buy at the malls could now be purchased at a lower price, saving you some change. You gat woh-I-mean? 

But this appreciation of the Naira against the dollar actually happened on the eve of February 23, a day that had been set aside for Nigeria’s Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Was this intentional, real or was there really an issue with the giant - Google?

Google had found its way to Nigeria and was doing ground work, setting up free Wi-Fi at different locations to make Nigerians all get connected to the internet. It was a gesture greeted with zeal, as many began to hook up to it for their internet connection. They wanted to save money.

The focus were the cities with the highest number of Nigerians and those cities also hold the highest number of voters (Check INEC's PVC collection) that any one in the presidential race will love to win.

Nigerians loved the Wi-Fi.

It became a darling to them and everyone was happy, praying for Google as if the business needed deliverance.

Actually, Google may need deliverance over the display of 184:00 Naira to one dollar which happened the night before Nigerians match out to vote.

People started talking about it even on social networks and the bug truly permeated from phone to phone and from one social network page to another.

Like oil that touched one finger and spreads to the other four fingers, the dollar talk moved over to other social networks and began to trend on Twitter.

one naira to a dollar

Some people believed Nigeria’s currency had appreciated overnight.

But it is only God that can do such miracle the kind recorded in 2 Kings 7:1-18.

What could have happened that the Naira suddenly made a quantum leap?

Several conspiracies are involved and I will share them all, but you are to look at them critically and see that there could be someone playing with our elections.

The electoral body had in the day, while briefing observers and the media, talked about a process that will help the voters locate their polling unit.

Google was specifically mentioned by the Professor, playing a role in our electoral process. 

one naira to a dollar

This is how the gotomypu.ng 'is' when Bounce News Checked it

“Citizens can obtain locations directions to their polling units by visiting gotomypu.ng.

“They will access the location of their PU and then link to Google map that will lead them to the PU.

“In the last 10 days, about 190,000 voters have utilised the various social media platforms to geo-locate their polling unit,” Professor Yakubu said. 

Everyone that will visit that google console to make a search was likely to see the 184 Naira thing and many will fall for it, considering how gullible some Nigerians are.

one naira to a dollar

There is a likelihood that the individual will see the Naira to Dollar search and jump on it then see the 184 Naira thing and change his/her mind about who to vote for.

It can also be that someone had used that google figure to make people get resentment about a particular opponent, bringing the minds of Nigerians back to 2015 where dollar was 184 Naira.

When they compare the 2019 rate and that of 2019 they know, people will have a rethink on who to vote for.

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While you think about these two things, another conspiracy theory that may also arise is that after Buhari said so much dollar had come into the nation, people were exchanging for 184 Naira to one dollar.

That rate may have come to being because of the volume of dollar that may have come into the system.

If that statement by Buhari is true, then the need to change the foreign currency at all cost on Friday before election begins may be urgent so as to see monies to share.

This may have forced the price of dollar in Naira down to 184:00 Naira. They may not mind the loss so much, after all when the candidate who was helped with all the dollar wins, it will take few months to recoup the amount spent. 

Was Google capturing the situation that had suddenly arose among Bureau De Change practitioners who use applications that record how much they are buying dollar in Nigeria?

Could Google have pulled the amounts spreading among Bureau De Change together and come up with the amount it was displaying?

If that is not the case, then someone may have hacked into Googles system to input that 184 Naira figure.

Just in case you search google and could not find the 184 Naira thing, see what Google posted on Twitter.

one naira to a dollar

There was truly a mix up somewhere and this will go to proof that elections will never be free and fair in Nations where social media thrive and where the government does not care to make rules that will stop infiltration.

Social networks have suddenly become something to be used in manipulation of nation's elections.

If the United States, with all its security will have its elections tampered with by other nations, to the extent that Facebook decided to take some actions, who is Nigeria to escape such manipulations?

Your answer is just like mine.

Another question we all must look for answers to is who was behind Google's 184 Naira to $1 message that spread on social network on the eve of Nigeria's election? 

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