Taking risks is part of life, but there are some risks that one should not try at all.

One of them is riding a boat without a life jacket. 

Three persons tried it on Pashi River in Badagry area of Lagos State and nearly paid for the mistake with their lives.

They had gone to buy goods in Cotonou and were on their way back when their boat capsized. Thankfully, the Marine Police were around the location.

Explaining how the police saved the three traders, the Divisional Marine Officer (DMO), Uchenna Itinyi, said the boat, which capsized on July 29, was loaded with different goods.  

He said the police officers, who were on a 24-hour water patrol when the incident occurred, immediately moved to the scene and rescued the passengers.

"We were able to save them before sinking, but unfortunately, we were unable to save their goods as everything went down.

Try again

"I asked them to sit down for few minutes to see if the incident had affected them, so that we could take them to the hospital for treatment.

"When I discovered that they were in good condition, I told them to write an entry and released them.

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"I urged them to come back the following day to check if we would be lucky to find any of their goods," he said.

The DMO implored travellers on boat to always put on life jackets.

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