Why is it that they only come in the dead of night, 11 p.m and 12 p.m, Chukwudi Olumeka, had questioned, reflecting on some unusual circumstances that he had started noticing.

Most times they claim they wanted to buy call cards which her wife, Ayodotun Olumeka, sells, but Olumeka had reasons to doubt the genuineness of these moves happening at their Ibadan home. 

His wife had become a night crawler suddenly and their 23-year marriage was crumbling. 

He could no longer take it, seeing his wife return home at night. Her absence in the day and evenings had become a source of worry for Olumeka, who believes he had started sharing his wife with other men. 

Narrating his ordeal in the entire surprising scenario in a court in Ibadan, Chukwudi, who is a businessman, said that his greatest regret in life was his marriage to his estranged wife.

“My lord, when Ayodotun’s trouble got to it climax, she told our first two children who are 21 and 19 years, to beat me and they both joined hands to do it.

“It all began when I started correcting Ayodotun to stop cheating on me.

“Various shapes of men come to look for her in her matrimonial home without any tangible explanation of who they are.

“Her secret lovers usually come in the dead of night, 11 p.m and 12 p.m respectively, claiming they are buying phone recharge cards from her.

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“For so many years, I never saw my wife at home in the afternoon or evening except at mid night, when she and her secret lovers are just returning from their escapades.


“Whenever I ask the children of her where about, they don’t give me satisfactory answer.

“The recent one she did was when a car brought her home at about five minutes past 12 midnight and I saw the car drop her off.

“I became so sad that I suffered depression and I left home for two months.

“I have always catered for the children’s education and other welfare,” Chukwudi argued. 

But his wife gave a different account of the whole scuffle that is now putting asunder. 

She cited incessant battery and lack of care, which her husband had subjected her and the children to, as reasons for her divorce prayer. 

“For almost seven years now, Chukwudi abandoned the responsibility of catering for the children to me.

“On many occasions, the children have been sent away from school because they could not pay their fees and I had to suffer hell in the process of paying.

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“To make matters worse, Chukwudi beats me at will, destroying my breakable plates most of the time.

“He sometimes chases me about in the house with broken bottle, thereby threatening my life.

“He even came to my shop to throw stones at me.

“When I became overwhelmed by his threat, I got him arrested by the police.

“Chukwudi is such an irresponsible husband, a bully, separate us,” Ayodotun cried. 

After listening to both parties, Ademola Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, dissolved their 23 year-old marriage, upholding claims of threat to life and extra-marital affairs.

Odunade held that the society was undergoing a terrible experience in moral decadence especially among husbands and wives.

He also condemned a situation where a wife instigates the children against their father to beat him up.

“The union between Ayodotun and Chukwudi has ceased to be in the interest of peaceful co-existence.

“Ayodotun shall take custody of the four children produced by the union, while Chukwudi shall pay a monthly allowance of 12,000 Naira for the children’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare.

“Chukwudi is also ordered to give 3,000 Naira to Ayodotun to enable her to move her property away,” Odunade said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ayodotun resides at Anfani and Chukwudi resides at Felele areas of Ibadan.