The 14-year-old marriage between Yomi and Oluwakemi Adedeji hit the rocks on Wednesday, January, 23rd at the Grade C Customary Court, Oja Oba, Ibadan.

But this was against the wish of his wife who despite claiming to have suffered domestic violence in the marriage, still wants to cling to her man.

Yomi Adedeji, who filed a divorce suit against his wife, said she is a trouble maker.

"My wife’s second name is devil, she has made me develop high blood pressure and I abandoned my shop because of her attitude.

“She once used a broken bottle and a broken mirror to cut my hand which I went to treat in the hospital," he told the court.

He further said that he has stopped been intimate with her for about three years.

"When a man is happy, he does things willingly, but I have been unhappy in my home that is why I have stopped any intimacy between us.

“I established about ten businesses for her which crumbled because she cannot manage it properly. She beats the children to stupor like criminals and this has made the children to dread her so much in the house.

“I have become a slave in the house because she finds it difficult to do any house chores and she has caused enmity between her relatives and me," he further said, pleading with the court to separate them for the betterment of their lives.

Oluwakemi, however, insisted that she was not ready to leave her husband and was willing to stay with him no matter what.

Her reason is simple; before she got married, she was told never to have more than one husband.

And how about the allegation that she cut her husband with broken bottle?

“On that particular day I hugged him, he pushed me away and injured me on my nose which started bleeding profusely, so I decided to cut him with a broken glass to enable him feel the pain I go through whenever I sustain any injury.

How about the sexless state of the marriage?

"He doesn't come near me anymore, not that I didn't allow him get intimate, but he insisted that nothing can happen between us and it's up to three years now.

“I stayed with him till now because of the message I got while I was single and I am still not ready to leave him," she lamented

Yomi told the court that he was willing to rent another apartment for her, but she could not stay with him any longer because she is dangerous.

“My wife charmed me to marry her, because I don't understand how she gave birth to four children for me,” he said, wondering how he ended up with her.

The Court President, Chief Odunade Ademola J. P after hearing from both parties, told them to go their separate way and ordered that the children should be in the custody of their mother.

The father is to pay the sum of 20,000 naira for food allowance every month, pay the children's school fees and hospital bills when needed.

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