Former President Goodluck Jonathan has debunked reports that he sent Bishop Mathew Hassan Kuka to plead with President Muhammadu Buhari not to probe his administration.

The former President said that he has no reason to send people to beg President Buhari on his behalf over allegations of corruption.

Jonathan said if there was any need to speak with the President, he would do so himself.

This revelation is contained in a new book published by the ex-president titled My Transition Hours.

Read excerpts from the book: “The dust of handing over to my successor had barely settled when the political smear campaigns began against members of my family, former appointees and aides.

"The goal was to destroy everything we did and consign our legacy to the bin.

"The attacks were so intense that Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah asked the government and the ruling party to spare some thoughts for my graciousness in conceding defeat without taking the country through bloodshed as we had witnessed before in many African countries.

“I remember that after Bishop Kukah and members of the peace committee met with President Buhari, propagandists had gone to town with the fable that I had sent the National Peace Committee to the President to plead on my behalf.

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"Let me categorically state that such stories are false. Why would I need anyone to plead on my behalf? What wrong have I committed that I cannot speak to President Buhari myself?

"I have a conscience that is devoid of bitterness towards any man.

"Specifically, to those who accused me of sending Bishop Kukah to plead on my behalf in respect of corruption, I have the following response.

"The premier global agency universally recognised to gauge corruption perception index stated that the last time Nigeria made progress was in 2014 while I was president. The country had moved eight places forward from 144 to 136."

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