How does it feel after five years of marriage to discover that the little one you call "son", which you have cared for, belongs to another man?

Only Ibrahim Adedeji and other men in his shoes can answer this question.

Ibrahim had in Nov. 2017, filed a divorce suit against his wife, whom he suspected of having extra marital affairs.

He had doubt on the paternity of the five-year-old boy birthed by his wife shortly after their marriage.

He insisted that the boy look very much like his wife's ex-boyfriend.

“I don’t believe the child belongs to me, he doesn’t look like me, and he resembles the other man; I have seen them together and thereafter, she became pregnant,” the petitioner, a resident of Gberigbe community told the court.

But the 26-year-old wife, Rukayat, denied the allegations, insisting that Adedeji was the biological father of the child.

“Truly, he saw me with my ex-boyfriend at an open place and since then he has been suspecting me. Fortunately, I became pregnant thereafter.

“But I want my son back as I am no longer interested in the marriage,” she pleaded.

On Thursday, March 8, 2018, the Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos State dissolved the five-year-old marriage between the commercial motorcyclist and his wife.

This was after a DNA test revealed the true paternity of their child.

The Court President, Funmi Adeola, ordered that the couple should go their separate ways as the DNA test had revealed that the motorcyclist was not the father of the child.

She, however, advised that Adedeji may adopt the child legally, if he so wishes.

Adeola ruled that the man was free to return the child to his ex-wife, so that she could take the child to his rightful father.

Does your child look like your former or present neighbours?