'Hoi, hoi, hoi, hoi, hoi', the sound kept coming.

It is one sound I will not forget easily, as it had given me sleepless nights.

The first night it happened, it was like a dream, but the reality was nearer to me than the dream itself.

'Hoi, hoi, hoi, hoi', the sound kept coming, spanking me up from my sleep on the first night. My eyes were cleared of slumber. I was truly awake.

I listened closely to the sound. What could this be? I asked myself, as my thoughts raced. Could this be robbers or even vigilante members trying to alert others?

I could also hear my heart beat loudly. There are no dogs around and no one rears goats.

I stood up. The sound kept increasing hoi, hoi, hoi... it seemed it was getting closer to the door.

I walked to the door of my room and gently opened it and looked into the corridor.

My arms were shivering as I held on to the bush lamp. I raised it close to my nose and I inhaled the kerosene smoke. I coughed, I was too scared.

It was a face-me-I-face-you apartment in Uwasota area of Benin City in Edo State.

I had been transferred to Benin by a new generation Bank I work with and I decided to stay with my cousin who was a student of the University of Benin before I get a place of my own.

We shared the same room and that night he was fast asleep, apparently he was used to the sound.

As I stood by the corridor trying to figure out what the sound was and where it was coming from, I heard it again, this time, surer of where it was coming from.

I moved closer to my neighbour’s door. “Eureka! I have found it,” I muttered.

I tiptoed to his door in my inquisitive nature, just to be sure of what it could be, since I was aware our neighbour was just a bachelor.

I got close to the door, placed my ear on the door to be sure, this time I could tell it was the voice of a lady.

At that point, I remembered I had seen Daniel, my neighbour, with a lady the previous evening.

Hoi, hoi, hoi, hoi, she continued to scream drawing my attention back to why I was there.

It sent messages to my inner being. Adrenaline pumped and my boxers could feel the hardness that signals it was sex.

I bent down trying to find the eye of the key, I peeped but it was dark. Gradually the darkness began to ease, as my eyes adapt to the dark room. I could see them, he was on top of her, pounding her like today was rapture; she screamed, hoi, hoi, hoi, hoi.

Sleep had totally cleared from my eyes, they have stolen it and I have yielded and was even willing to yield more.

I continued peeping, trying to catch all the action while my torment continued. I was getting hard as well.

Suddenly, my room door opened, I was shocked and stood up like a thief caught in the act.

face me I face you apartment.

My cousin had realised that I was no longer in the room and had come to find me. When he found me he waved at me and I walked back to our room.

"What was that?" I asked, pretending not to be sure of what it was and he said: “No mind the yeye girl. That is her ring tone. She shouts like someone in a farm”.

We laughed and walked into our room, but the sound continued, this time, faster – hoi-hoi, hoi-hoi, hoi-hoi.

The speed increased and then ended with a prolonged scream h - - - - o - - - - i.

I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling, wondering what neighbours go through with this scream filtering into their ears.

I had thought my torment had ended that night until I saw my neighbour the next morning.

"Dano, Dano, how you dey na? Madam don commot abi", I said confidently hoping the session won't be repeated tonight.

"Bro, No oooo! She is here to stay for now. Her mama don travel na only me remain for town. So she go dey here till next week.

"Hope no problem o, this one wey you dey ask me question", he said.

I didn't even respond while I walked briskly away. I was sure I would get to work late again through out this week. But deep down I was excited at the prospect of watching more action from the key-hole.