Bukola Adesina is in search of deliverance. She needs a messiah so she headed to court.

Bukola, a full-time housewife, has told the Grade B Customary Court, Oshodi to save her from her husband’s growing desire for sex.

Bukola told the court that since she got married to Ahmed Adesina in 2010 and moved into his house, the man has never let her go one day without making love to her.

She said the only time she is free from him is during her menstrual period and child bearing.

She narrated to the court how her husband has turned her into an object of sex.

“My husband has turned me into a sex toy. He would not let me sleep every night”

“He is not interested in any excuse in whatever form and he is always ready to go three to four rounds before day break.

“The most pathetic thing is that his God has given rod is too big for me and each time he penetrates me, I feel like dying”.

“My Lord, I have pleaded with my husband to reduce his sex appetite but he is not ready to listen to me.”

She noted that she had to run away from the house when she could not longer cope.

In his response, Ahmed described his wife as a blatant liar.

According to the 34-year old commercial bus driver, he never had any interest in marrying Bukola but she seduced him and lured him into it.

He further accused his wife of always threatening his life, promising to kill him if he failed to marry her.

“My wife seduced me to marry her and it was when she gave birth to our first daughter that my eyes opened.”

“I keep wondering how I went into marriage with character like her.”

“My Lord, she has been hiding my daughter from me. This has greatly deprived me of playing my fatherly role,” Ahmed said

He stressed that though his wife has moved out of their matrimonial home, he has never failed in the payment of her monthly allowance.

President of the court, Zainab Gafar in her ruling urged both parties to maintain the status quo.

She adjourned the case until May 16.