Kolawole Dagunduro was in tears as he explained to the court his pains over his wife, Idayat’s alleged public misconduct and harassment.

He filed for a divorce at the Grade C Customary Court, Mapo in Ibadan, Oyo State and believed he had enough reasons to justify the separation.

"I have had no peace ever since I got married to her and she has no regard for my family members. She fights me whenever she feels like, there was a day she fought with me in public and stripped me naked outside," he said.

"Neighbours and our pastors have tried resolving the issue to no avail; she just keeps misbehaving.

"Whenever we go to church and the pastor preaches that wives should cook on time for their husbands or make their husband happy, my wife does opposite of what the pastor preaches instead."

The factory worker further explained how his wife squandered the money meant for their two children's school fees.

"We had a fight and we were arrested and the police officers there told her to be submissive. She no longer cooks for me and she locks me outside the house and whenever any of my children opens the door for me, she punishes the child and the last time we were intimate was in January," he concluded.

However, listening to Idayat’s side of the story, it was obvious the problem was deeper than being troublesome.

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"When I had my first child I was bleeding profusely and was hospitalized, my family took care of all the necessary things while they didn't do anything from my husband’s family. That was what brought disunity between the two families from the onset.

"After I gave birth to the second child, his sister came to check on me and asked if I was still alive. She expected to hear that I was dead.

"My husband can keep malice for about three months and his sister sent me packing out of the house after beating me up and said that I and my husband will never be intimate again no matter what.

"So ever since then, whenever we want to get intimate, there will be no erection even if I try to massage it, it won't come up," she explained.

Apparently, there were also problems in the other room and when this happens, there is usually no more love in the marriage and couples fight at all time.

After listening to both parties, Chief Odunade Ademola J.P dissolved the marriage and put the children in custody of Idayat.

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