This is a very sensitive issue and if it is not yet proven, it remains nothing more than an allegation.

Fathers are said to be a shield to their daughters, but signs are showing that Akeem Adesina may have found his daughter suitable to satisfy his sexual desire.

Amirat Adesina has filed a divorce suit against her husband Akeem at the Customary Court Ile Tuntun Oja Oba in Ibadan after 22 years in marriage.

Amirat said her husband is a wicked man who has been sneaking into the children's room to assault their daughter. This is asides allegations of wife battery she also levelled against him.

She once left him, but she received a distress call from her parents asking her to return home as there was a serious issue at hand. What she met shocked her.

"I got home, and they told my 16 year old daughter, Hikmat Adesina to explain all what she told them to me and she told me that her father came to romance her at midnight.

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"At first she didn't know who the person was but she started raining curses on whoever did the act, then her father told her not to rain curses again that he was the one who romanced her and he gave her 1,000 naira which she refused," she revealed.

It was at this point Amirat’s parents persuaded her to go back home to watch over her children

"My parents told me to go back to the house because of my children which I agreed, and my parents settled the dispute between me and my husband.

Akeem who is a trader says that he accepts the claim of divorce against him because his wife does not have any regard for his family.

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"My wife does not have any regard for my family. She left me and went to Lagos when I incurred a debt of ten million naira in my work place.

"I was left alone with the children to cater for. Along the line, our families sat down together and settled our differences and I gave her 27,000 naira to bring all her properties back to Ibadan.

"I visited her apartment and met a strange man there and he ran away. She fought me and tore my clothes because of a total stranger," he said with disgust.

Court President, Chief Olasukanmi Agbaje Henry, however feels there is need for the children to appear in court and he adjourned till October 22 for further hearing.

But with all these allegations, do you think this marriage has a chance if survival?

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