Marriage is usually consummated with love and the act of love making is the first step in procreation. But that's not the case for Mutiatu whose love sessions have been abruptly cut short.

She is very angry with her husband for being 'wasteful' during sex.

Mutiatu Olaosebikan, 37 revealed that her husband usually discharges his sperm on the floor during intercourse.

Mutiatu, whose husband sought for dissolution of their 7-year-old marriage in court, said the husband is preventing her from getting pregnant.

She said, “My husband is in the habit of disposing of his sperm on the floor during intercourse.

“He does not want me to get pregnant; he no longer releases sperm into me when we have sex.

“He started this withdrawal method five years ago; I only have one child who is six years old now.

“My husband can go more than six rounds, but will never release the sperm into me, instead he pours it on the floor.

“Whenever I queried him about the withdrawal method he uses, he failed to give me a satisfactory answer.”

Although it was not confirmed, it appears Mutaitu's husband is being biologically conscious taking into consideration the realities of the recession.