She got pregnant while dating her current husband and then the issue of marriage came up but for nine years, he told his wife and her family that he did not want a court marriage for no reason.

The woman cried, the family begged but he stood his grounds not to wed her in a court. After all, he was doing well and had the rights to his decisions.

But tables turned later in their informal marriage as the woman became the bread winner, thanks to her dad who helped her secure a job with a multinational company.

“Just last month my company decided to transfer me to their branch outside the country and the company is willing to pay for my entire family to relocate with me.

“My husband’s business is not doing too well and he’s willing to relocate also but we have no legal certificate to show that we are married.

“Now he wants us to go to the court to legalize our marriage and I have said “NO”. My dad has threatened to disown me if I ever go with him to court.

“His family members have been calling me trying to persuade me but I told them I’m old enough to make my decisions also and I have stood my ground just like he did to me nine years ago.”

VIDEO: My Husband Refused To Marry Me Legally But Now Needs A Marriage Certificate | 18th Avenue

Many marriages are in trouble because of the decisions made in the beginning of the relationship.

On this episode of 18th Avenue, Keni Akintoye and his guests try to provide answers to the many questions running through your mind as you read this.

What would make a man refuse to legalise his ‘marriage’ to a woman who has given him three children and nine good years of her life?

Why would the man refuse to listen to some of the most important people in his life and that of his wife?

Should a man like this be forgiven and trusted when he obviously looks like a fair-weather partner?

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What is your advice for this young mother of three? Where should she draw the line between forgiveness and trust.

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