She kissed him but she asked her husband's permission first.

Dakore Akande might be professional film star and will go the extra mile to make a kissing scene look believable, but she is also a good wife, and will not pucker up at the directors' discretion.

Before the 'amebos', 'haters' and 'rumour mongers' begin to spin their story of an idea between two of Nollywood's heartthrobs, Dakore Akande and Richard Mofe Damijo(RMD), Dakore has cleared the air.

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So if you see married actors RMD and Dakore Akande passionately kissing in the new series Castle &Castle on Ebonylife TV, there is no cause for alarm.

It's just another job.

“Since the beginning of my career, I have been selective of the kind of people I work with, and the kind of scripts I accept. It’s part of having the spirit of excellence. My passionate kiss with RMD comes with the job. I try as much as I can to steer away from such romantic roles, but I can’t keep steering and find myself totally out.

However, my husband and I have an understanding. At the end of the day, I’m his wife; he is the one I go home to. He is the one I love. He is the father of my kids. RMD and I also have a connection; we have done such movie before. We both understand duty call,” she explained in a recent interview.

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