They used to love each other very much.

She trusted him so much she did anything he asked because he convinced her it was in their best interest.

She told the whole story at a Grade A Customary Court in Ejigbo on Tuesday.

Sherifat Aladejobi narrated what she went through in her marriage with her estranged husband, Maruf, who has filed for divorce.

She told the court that when Maruf approached her, he was just a factory worker at Five Star Textiles in Isolo area in Lagos.

“When my husband was working at Five Star, he had nothing. I was responsible for his clothing, transportation and even feeding because he was receiving meagre salary.

“I stood by him with the hope that things would be better in the future

Sherifat, a hairdresser, told the court that during the tough times, she got pregnant for Maruf who was then living at No 12 Ifelodun Street, Idimu.

She said she had to abort the five-month old pregnancy because he complained that he did not want them to have a baby under their poor condition.

She said agreed to obey him because at that time, he had already lost his job.

“Since he had no job when he advised me to abort the pregnancy, I had to agree with him.

“Four months after, he impregnated me again. He advised me again to abort it all because he had no job.”

Sherifat told the court that she had to steal her father’s money to start up a business for Maruf.

“We finally fixed our wedding date and I must confess that I carried all the wedding expenses.

“During that time, I was already pregnant, but unfortunately the child died inside my womb. I almost died too if I hadn’t undergone a surgical operation.

“After our marriage, I got pregnant again. When the pregnancy was seven months, I had another operation and lost the baby.

Sherifa, who was weeping while narrating her ordeal, explained that few months after she was discharged from the hospital, she stopped menstruating.

She said she consulted a medical doctor, who promised her that after some few months, she would begin to menstruate again.

“My lord, this is the fourth year. I have spent a lot of money visiting different doctors and Men of God.

“My Lord, if he insists in the dissolution of our marriage, there is nothing I can do about it.

“Since I cannot menstruate again, he has concluded in his mind that I cannot bear him any child again.”

But Maruf in his defence told the court that his wife is a trouble maker, who doesn’t want any of his relations to visit him.

“When my younger brother came to live with us, she was complaining that the boy was arrogant and troublesome. She frustrated the boy until the boy decided to leave.”

The court in its ruling appealed to both parties to maintain peace.

Justice Ibiyemi adjourned the case till April 10 for further hearing.

When Bounce News contacted Sherifat for further explanation, she simply said “My brother, what else do you expect from me, you have heard it all.

“I have lost everything all in the name of love but I know God will judge.”