Barakat is a mother of one who has been married to Olalekan Olapade for three years, but she later discovered that her husband lied to her about his source of livelihood before she married him.

You would assume that she is the one calling for an end to the marriage but ironically, she has become the defendant.

Olapade Olalekan has filed for a divorce at the Customary Court Grade C Oja Oba in Ibadan because Barakat his wife is violent and uncontrollable when angry.

"She is very violent and whenever she is angry, she behaves mysteriously. She broke the plasma TV we use at home which is worth 120,000 naira, she also destroyed the home theatre, two packs of plates and her parents were in support of their daughter’s misconduct.

"My wife's mother told me that her husband kneels down to beg her whenever they have misunderstanding in the house not minding whether she is right or wrong.

"I have once prostrated for her when she misbehaved yet nothing changed. We once had a misunderstanding and she slapped me and I retaliated," he said.

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Unsurprisingly, Barakat is equally tired of the marriage, based on the past lies and the beating she usually receives from him.

"He lied to me that he sells clothes at Apete but he is an internet fraudster. I got to know this because I see a lot of voodoo in the house as well as different concoction.

"He beats me at will and the last time he beat me up I was bleeding from my mouth, eyes and all of my face.

"I am tired of the marriage as well, his mother said I brought bad luck to her child but when he married me, he rented an apartment and bought a piece of land as well," she concluded.

The story got more dramatic when it became a matter of life and death, as the husband claimed his life was being threatened.

"Her parents are threatening me that they will kill me, I reported them at the Ologuneru Police station and I was told to take the matter to the court for proper handling."

As expected, after hearing from both parties, Chief Odunade Ademola J.P ruled that both parties should go their separate ways and the child should be in the custody of his mother.

The father was asked to pay 4,000 naira every month for the feeding allowance of his child as well as the child's school fees.

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