"Sometimes in October 2014, about six months after the birth of my son, my husband stopped having sex with me and providing for the family".

Bilkisu Lawal's marriage to Yusuf in 2012 must have been very colourful with family and friends in attendance.

The couples must have been beaming with smiles as the officiating minister joined them together especially after they both said 'I DO'.

Their marriage was blessed with a son two years later but that seems to be genesis of their marital problem.

Yusuf stopped sleeping with his wife.

Initially, the wife thought it was a just a minor setback, that her loving husband would soon start performing his marital duties again.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into years, and Biliksu's sex starvation got worse.

Apparently not finding it funny anymore, Bilikisu approached the Mararaba Grade 1 Area Court in Nasarawa seeking divorce.

“On several occasions, I have asked what I did wrong, but he will not tell me; in December 2016, he sent me out of the house for no reason. 

“Since then, he never bothered to know where my son and I are staying; neither did he bring money for his son’s upkeep. 

“I have been living with my parent and I cannot continue to live as a married woman when my husband does not see me as a wife,” Bilkisu said. 

She further stated that when she reported to his family, both families sat and talked, and he promised to change, but it has been the same thing. 

Yusuf, however, said he is still in love with his wife, but has been undergoing some financial problems. 

He prayed the court to give him time to try and settle things with his wife. 

The matter was adjourned until April 28.