“My husband will not leave me until he sees blood coming out from the wound, I have scars all over my body as proof of his abuse.”

45-year-old beer parlour operator, Kudirat Sodiq, told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos of how her husband always bites her whenever they quarrel.

She said that, Wahabi, her husband of 23 years, was also threatening her life.

“My husband left scars on my body as he always bites me whenever we fight. 

“Wahabi is always threatening to kill me by suffocating me to death with a pillow.

“Because of his threat, I ran away from the house I built and relocated just to save my life.

“Last month, he came to my shop, saying that he will kill me, he smashed a beer bottle on the ground and wanted to stab me on my neck.

“I used my hand to dodge it and the bottle cut me on my right hand, blood was gushing out but for the quick intervention of neighbours who rushed me to the hospital, I could have died.”

The mother of four, presented as exhibit, recording of her husband’s alleged threat, and the picture of her injured hand.

Wahabi, on the other hand, said that his wife was adulterous and having extra marital affairs.

“I caught my wife inside her shop with a man cutting his nail, immediately I entered the man quickly stood up and left,” he said.

The respondent said that he never threatened to kill his wife but that he stabbed her by mistake.

He made a fervent plea to the court not to dissolve the marriage, claiming that he was still in love with his wife.

The president of the court, Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the case till July 25 for judgment.