She cannot see, but beating her husband is not something she finds difficult. 

Felix Dube is a Zimbabwean that has suffered domestic violence. He could not longer bear it.

He had dragged his wife to court for beating him up and harassing him emotional.

The government official, who works at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Zimbabwe, wants to be protected from his wife, Vusile Dube.

He alleged that the wife had formed a habit of insulting him in the presence of their children and has harassed him emotionally by attempting to commit suicide.

'I Fear For My Life'

Dube said: “My wife has assaulted me on several occasions. At one time she used my phone to assault me. She once entered my car with the assistance of her relative and took my valuables.

"She also shouts at me using vulgar words in the presence of our minor children. She has also locked me out of the house several times forcing me to sleep outside in my car and ripped up my clothes.

"I still love my wife but I beg the court to grant me a protection order as I fear for my life. She is tormenting me”.

In her response, Mrs Dube denied the allegations and asked for the protection order to be binding to both.

She claims sheis the one being abused.

“My husband is the one taking advantage of my disability to assault me knowing that there is nothing I can do to defend myself.

"I have never disturbed his peace, taken his valuables or tore his clothes. In fact, he has on several occasions confiscated my valuables.

"At one time he forcefully took my bank cards and refused to release them when I wanted to pay my medical bills,"  the woman told the court.

She further claimed that she once filed a domestic abuse report against her husband but he pleaded that she should drop the charge and promised to change.

Mrs Dube also accused her husband of wanting to send her packing in other to accommodate other women.

After listening to their testimonies, the judge ruled that the protection order should be binding to both.