Everyone is delighted when he or she learns something new.

You would have to admit you are no longer as young as you used to be.

Hence, the need to pay more attention to what is being taught especially when you are self-motivated and self-taught.

However, reading to get required knowledge about how to do a particular task better could be quite become boring. 

There is a way to go about learning and an expert is recommending what he calls best ways of optimising the learning process.

If you want to learn fast and be outstanding in what you do, you should pay close attention. 

1. Apply The "3 Hours Active Learning Principle"

“When you are doing active learning, the maximum you do a day is three hours. After 3 hours, the law of diminishing return sets in. This is applicable if you are really keen on learning.  


"If you are keen on faffing about, like going to school, then, that is a different thing.

"Some people go to school out of routine and they go to school for five hours or six hours, when really, you only learn in the first three hours of the day," Professor Chris Imafidon whose Excellence In Education programme has created geniuses, said.

His method of grooming children totally alters how the school system works and he believes schools, which are traditional in their method of teaching children, are weapons of mass destruction.

"School has nothing to do with education or nurturing of talent, or identification of talent. It is just a process that children have to go through so that they do not lose their interest in learning.

"The way the school system is structured, you don’t optimise your learning, you do it out of routine," he said.

2.  Learn In First Two To Three Hours Of Waking Up

"Learning should take place in the first 2 to 3 hours of waking up.

"This is scientific and proven. That is when you have maximum absorption.

"Learning should be enhanced with music. Again, this is proven.

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"When someone tells me that he is going to school and somehow music is optional, it is like going to the market and buying food is optional.

"The core part of learning is musical. Maths is music. So, when I see how we have literally destroyed minds that would have invented a new oxygen, I literally weep," he told Bounce News in an exclusive interview.