While some of the abducted Chibok girls have regained their freedom, some of them still battle with bad health that trailed them from captivity.

Apparently, a good number of them are still nursing injury sustained while cut-throat Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram held them captive.

Now, a group of the injured and sick Chibok schoolgirls will be supported by a Nigerian charity, Murtala Muhammed Foundation, MMF to get the treatment they need.

The foundation’s intervention became imperative after the girls’ parents said the government had failed to help them to pay their medical bills.

The campaigners said they were concerned about the health of all the kidnapped schoolgirls and said a clear process must be put in place to ensure their medical needs were met.

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The mother of 27-year-old Naomi Adamu, one of more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by the Islamist group in April 2014, last week told the Thomson Reuters Foundation she could not afford the surgery her daughter needed for a kidney condition.

In response, the MMF said this week it would help Adamu and five other Chibok girls.

“We have written to the presidency asking for permission to support Naomi with the treatment she requires,” said Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode, MMF’s head and a co-founder of the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign that drew international attention to the abduction.

“We are going to provide Naomi and her family with accommodation in Abuja while she undergoes treatment. We will also provide her with psychological assessment,” she added.

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