The family of the National Youth Service Corps member shot dead by a police officer, Angela Igwetu, are still angry with the role the General Hospital, Garki, Abuja played in the death of the deceased.

They have asked the police authorities to go after the hospital, saying the autopsy report faulted the claims made by the hospital.

The 23-year-old had finished work about 11pm on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, and joined a few friends at a hang–out before their Passing out Parade scheduled for the following day.

The group were reportedly on their way home around 3am when Angela was shot at a checkpoint immediately after Ceddi Plaza by a police officer, identified as Benjamin Peters.

She was subsequently rushed to the General Hospital, Garki, where she eventually gave up the ghost around 6am.

However, Angela’s sister, Chinenye Igwetu said the hospital’s claim that it administered immediate medical aid to the deceased was at variance with what the autopsy report revealed.

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She also said her late sister was not properly examined, saying her organs were not affected by the bullet.

She added that the pipes inserted into her sister by the hospital broke her rib cage.

She said, “The autopsy was carried out at a national hospital and the report is totally different from what the hospital said.

“I am not a doctor, but according to the doctors that carried out the autopsy, she was not properly examined.

“The report shows that she would have been saved if proper medical attention had been given to her. Even if she was attended to, it is definitely after a lot of delay.

“Based on the autopsy, the bullet was not supposed to kill her. In fact, all her organs were intact. Even her lung that was brushed by the bullet was not shattered. It was the blood that was clotting from the bullet injury that killed her.

“The pipes that they inserted into her at the hospital broke her rib as well. They brought her in by 3am and she died at 6am. So what did they do between that time frame?”

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