Three years ago, Umar Ahmed practically had nothing but a desire to succeed. He said his life was going downhill.

That was his sad story until he met Godsman, a DStv installer, who told him about the GOtv Sabimen scheme.

He figured he might have found a way to put some money in his pocket and stop asking for hand-outs from family and friends.

Umar learnt quickly that the scheme aims to provide young people with a variety of skills ultimately aimed at self-employment.

He now knows how to install GOtv in homes while resolving some subscribers’ complaints.

“One of the skills I gained from it is how to deliver exceptional customer service and how to relate better with people, Umar explained.

Another beneficiary of MultiChoice’s initiative is Akanni Hassan Abayomi. He became a sales canvasser in 2016.

He shares his experience and how he learnt to relate with clients while managing finances.

"Being a canvasser involves persuading customers or clients about the product. We are also paid commission on the sales we make. This has helped me learn how to structures my expenses,” he said.

He equally hopes to open his own business.

“I intend to at least have shops on my own, which I am working towards. Then with that, I can start something through sales of GOtv,” he said.

His story mirrors that of Adetola Agbomagbe, who handles installations.

“As a female, I find myself in the field of engineering. I even know much of the practical part - the engineering than the theory,” she said excitedly.

Agbomagbe said she has already begun to put into use what she learnt from the training.

She commended MultiChoice for the support the company has provided to her and many others.

“They have supported me in a big way. The first thing that I love about them is that they don’t just leave you, they take you to the field in the sense that when you invest your money into their business, they give you support on how to make sales. They give you more marketing support so that you don’t invest your money and at the end, you lament,” Agbomagbe said.

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Meanwhile, nthe General Manager of GOtv, Akin Salu said participants in the schemes are community ambassadors for GOtv.

“Since 2014, GOtv has been able to create jobs for over 6,000 young Nigerians. We are taking a lot of people off the street and getting them employed by selling GOtv.

“These people are able to support themselves in terms of education and other basic needs of life,” he said.

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