“What is a girl compared to a woman beating you and 10+ body guards standing back leaving her to do this s***.

“She split my head open in 3 places with an extension cord and used the plug to hit me.”

This is what a 20-year old South African model, Gabriella Engels, wrote on Twitter.

That was her account of what she allegedly suffered in the hands of wife of Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe.

She tweeted a picture of a wound on her head claiming it was caused by the first lady.

Mrs Grace Mugabe, 52, allegedly attacked Miss Engels, 20, after finding her in a hotel with her sons Robert Mugabe Jr, 25, and Chatunga Mugabe, 21.

She had been ‘partying’ with Mugabe’s sons.

Miss Engels mother Debbie has also written on social media that her daughter would be going to the police over the incident.

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