Maybe his #OurMumuDonDo protest helped spur the return of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Or perhaps it did not influence the decision of the Nigerian leader to return after spending more than 100 days in London on a medical vacation.

Either way, now that Buhari is back, the veteran entertainer who led the rallies in Abuja for the President to resume work or resign, has written an open letter on Instagram.

In it he pleads with Buhari to resume work, while reporting the Biafran agitators, Arewa youths and the bad shape of the country’s economy to the president, before wishing him good health.

He wrote:

"We are glad that you have finally returned to the country our dear president.
    We are glad that you listened to the yearnings of patriotic Nigerians who consider your prolonged absence from the country an aberration. Indeed, you are a man who listens to his people.
    Now that you are back, Mr. President, please get back to work immediately. We want you to immediately tackle the various security issues in the country. We want you to take a decisive step in tackling the myriad of secessionist agitations in the country.
    Finally, Mr. President, many Nigerians are still suffering in abject penury and most of our youths are jobless and roaming the streets hopelessly and helplessly, we would like you to take a decisive step to bring succour to Nigerians who want you to deliver on your mandate as regards these pertinent issues.
    Once again Mr. President, welcome back. We wish you good health and a successful reign.
    Thank you for resuming back to work. We love you! Our Mumu Don Do."