Do we smell beef?

Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi has criticised Nigerian musicians for using Ghanaian elements in their music, and fellow artiste, Runtown is not taking it laying down.

The singer who became popular in 2016, has continued to be vocal about the influence of Ghanaian elements in the creation of Nigerian pop music.

He says that Nigerian musicians use the Ghanaian influence only to make quick hits, without really understanding what they are talking about.

“The speed at which I’ve moved is scary to me…cause it took my contemporaries 5, 6 years,

"Now everybody is using words like Banku, Shitor, Maami, Odoo, Sika. My guy, how come? How do you know Odoo? How do you know Sika? How do you know Maami? From where, what’s the connection?

"It’s just like an American artist just rapping about something in the UK, and you know he has no knowledge of it.”

The singer went further saying that most of the top Afrobeats and African songs are all on the merger of Ghana and Nigerian sounds, a sound he claims to have pioneered.

Wasting no time, Nigerian singer, Runtown has clapped back at Mr Eazi for his comments.

Tweeting from his handle, the ‘Mad over you’ singer said: “Bout to drop that new sound again and pls Don't get mad when i finish what you think you started”

Mr Eazi, who made these latest comments in a radio interview, is the self-acclaimed pioneer of Banku music, which is a fusion sound he describes as the mixture of “Ghanaian bounces, Ghanaian high-life, Nigerian chord progressions, and Nigerian patterns."

This isn’t the first Mr Eazi has made statements like this, so we wonder; is this a new ‘beef’ between Mr Eazi and Runtown?