Rule Number 1 is a film to relish.

It has the appropriate anatomy of a good film, as it tells a simple story, with great acting and a sensible conclusion.

The 5-man act is directed by Lyndsey Efejeku and follows the lives of two middle age, single ladies; Tega (Chinonso Young) and Stephanie (Keira Hewatch).

They both starred in the popular TV series, Lekki Housewives as Cleopatra and Peace respectively.

Tega and Steph are childhood friends who live together; while Steph is a carefree, bank customer representative, and Tega, is a reclusive computer engineer.

From the start of the film, we get to appreciate the dynamics of two ladies learning to live together despite their differences and even learning how to pass the remote to each other via their toes.

Then Tamuno (Bucci Franklin) tries to upset this balance.

Steph's sociable lifestyle fits like a hand in glove with her job as a customer representative, which guarantees meeting with different people, however, her carefree nature makes her cross the professional line many times.

Tamuno, who is a staunch member of the 'Beard gang’, chases after fun loving Steph who turns out to be 'easy pickings', and then the nerdy, Tega, who is a virgin and is shy.

The cinematography and audio production were crisp and clean, this made the well thoughtout costumes 'pop’ and add to the beauty of the film.


On this the producers were on their A-game.

A good example was when Tega and Tamuno sat together overlooking Eko bridge, watching the views. It struck the perfect scene for the lovers to melt into each other’s arms, and eventually unto Tamuno's bed.

Bucci Franklin, Keira and Chinonso put their best acting foot forward in most of the scenes, but Tamuno's acting failed him each time he was in his mansion.

Bucci made it too obvious that he did not want to distort, the way things were arranged in the house.

The son of a rich man should move like a 'big man'.


After the friends find out that they share the same boyfriend, Tega feels more of the pain.

She did not see it coming and must have been feeling bad that she gave up her 'flower' to a two-timer.

The conclusion of the film could have been off, but it teaches a lesson in vanity.

Rule Number 1 is an easy going and enjoyable movie, that every cinema goer should try to see.

It scores a brilliant 4/5 from the Bounce News Review Team.