The trailer does not really tell you if the film will be interesting, but it reminds us that this will be the third collaboration between Inkbot and Filmone, who also co-produced Nollywood's highest grossing film, "The Wedding Party 2" and "My Wife And I".

The story line might not have a complex theme like body swapping in the case of My Wife & I,  but the plot is a distinct grass to grace story that is written in a compelling way.

New money is a dramedy that tells the story of  Toun (Jemima Osunde) a poor shop keeper who leaves with her mother, Mrs Odumosu (Kate Henshaw), who owns a bar.

Toun suddenly receives a 'shocking' upgrade to billionaire status as her father (Kalu Ikeagwu) leaves her his business empire, after he dies.

The film is directed by Tope Oshin, and stars, Jemima Osunde, Kate Henshaew, Dakore Akande, Kalu Ikeagwu, Falz, Wofai Fada, Blossom Chkwujekwu, Adeolu Adefarasin and Daniel Effiong.

The movie is a coaster ride through her blending a lifestyle that she has never known, with one that she has lived with since she was born.

The drama and comedy in 'New Money' were appropriate and never over done. The editing helped avoid a usual trap of Nollywood films- long boring scenes.

A good number of the scenes had just the right timing and the song selection helped aid storytelling.

The songs were mostly taken from Falz, who stars in the film, and X3M artiste, Simi.

The acting did not 'fall the hand' of the anticipating audience.

Falz character is in love with Toun - the rapper/actor was in his usual element. He sounded hilarious with his Yoruba accent- it was required for his character  as he plays a security man.

While starring in the television series, Tinsel, Falz did not have an accent, this kills the rumors of Falz always imposing his Yoruba mannerisms while acting.

The producers and script writers took their time to develop the characters, including Blossom Chukwujekwu, who did not have too many lines throughout the film.

Kate Hensahaw and Jemima, were a perfect mother and daughter blend, their acting was so convincing, one would think they are truly related.

If for nothing else, watch the movie to enjoy the dynamics of their relationship, including a tear jerking scene, that will make you fall in love with the joy and pain of motherhood.

The nemesis of this movie remains one of the biggest issues for many cinema films- poor audio.

The audio was inconsistent, it was good in some parts and not clear in others.

Nollywood film makers need to focus on sound quality and find ways to improve on it consistently.

It also seems that the days of missing the mark when it comes to wardrobe and set design are still not far away from Nollywood.

After Toun steps into her billionaire realm, her dress sense upgrades, and her lifestyle changes, but it does not really reflect the fact that she is a billionaire with unlimited resources at her disposal.

The producers should have taken their time to find creative ways of displaying her wealth, affluence and money power.

Above all New Money is a decent movie that should be enjoyed.

From Bounce Movies we give the film 4/5

5-Out of this world 4-Great film 3-Good 2-Okay 1-sucks