It is full of laughs and warms the heart.

Omoni Oboli’s brilliant comedy movie, 'Moms at War' is worth all the hype that surrounded its release.

The movie has stars like Funke Akindele, Omoni Oboli, Eucharia Anumobi, Michelle Dede, Derenle Edun and Yul  Edochie, and it literally puts Funke against Omoni.

The film tells the story of two mothers who would do anything for their children, and follows other important things associated with parenting, like; family values, raising a teenager, parent-teacher relationships and friendship.

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Omoni, who doubles as the director of the movie, stars as Ebubechukwu, a classy career woman who was born with a silver spoon and wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Funke stars as Olaide, a self-made woman who built herself up from nothing to raise her son and give him the life she did not have.

The mothers are brought together when their children have to compete for the prestigious scholars program, everything goes out of hand when the mothers take the competition personal to ensure that their own child wins.

Omoni Oboli directs and produces the movie, that was written by Naz Onuzo, who is known for films such as 'Wedding Party 2', 'New Money' and 'My Wife and I'.

The cinematography on this film is crisp and top notch, and the pacing and scripting were properly executed by the actors and actresses, even Omoni Oboli who wore three hats.

These days, Nollywood movies in cinemas are stuck on telling love stories that sometimes are not believable or relatable, but 'Moms at War' reminds you of the importance of family and how we would go to any length to make sure our children succeed, if you’re a parent you would know the feeling.

Apart from entertaining the viewer and providing doses of humour, ‘Moms At War’ will make any mother want to appreciate and also re-evaluate her role in the home and the lives of her children.

Unlike Omoni Oboli’s, ‘Wives On Strike’, this movie is good enough to get a sequel, because parenting really never ends.

Bounce News gives ‘Mom’s At War’ a big 4

3-Very Good
4-Almost Perfect
5-Out Of This World

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