This film might never make it to the cinemas, but it is still a shot in the arm for Nollywood.

Kasala, directed by Ema Edosio is a great film, even without drawing on the powers of popular film stars.

The movie, which is being screened at the Real Time Film Festival, should be seen by every young person resident in Nigeria.

The film introduces 4 boys on the morning of a party they plan to attend.

The party is a temporary escape for the boys who live in an overcrowded apartment that comes 'fully loaded' with all the trivial arguments and poverty.

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The film takes place in one day, and as part of their plan to attend the party, TJ comes up with the idea to steal Uncle Taju’s car.

Everything goes according to plan until Abraham who is given the ‘honour’ to drive to the party, scratches the car windscreen.

Abraham’s action provides the springboard that helps the viewer leap into the film as the story tries and succeeds at breaking down the dynamics of  young male friendships.

Though the car crashing scene is unpersuasive, the 4 friends are convincing in their quest to repair the car before Uncle Taju returns from the butchery.

Brother Taju is not having a good time either, as he owes money to a local shylock,(Played by Jide Kosoko-the only popular face), so he finds himself playing hide and seek with the goons sent to collect the debt.

The suspense of whether the young men would fix the car at the end of the day is genuine, as the tempo is built at a steady convincing pace, that leaves the audience at the edge of their seat.

Kasala hits the nail on the head as its production is clean and crisp. The essence of the story jumps out from the screen as it follows the life of young Nigerian boys trying to live the Nigerian Dream.

Bounce News gives Kasala 4




4-Very Good


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