Manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Manchester United are in talks with 35-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic about the striker returning to the club.

The Swede scored 28 times for United before suffering a knee injury which ruled him out of action since April.

Ibrahimovic was let go at the end of his one-year contract, but the striker is undergoing rehabilitation at United ahead of his expected return to fitness in December.

"He's injured. He needs time to recover," United manager Jose Mourinho said on Friday. "He's not ready to play tomorrow. It's not something urgent, it's nothing that you are desperate to have it done or not done.

"I just think that he was very clear by showing that what he did last year was not enough for him. He thinks he can do more. He wants more at football's highest level, so we are having conversations and we are discussing the possibility of him staying with us for the second part of the season."

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