Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed transfer talks with Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez.

Mourinho however said the deal is not done yet.

"Clearly everyone knows that we are there and especially when the Arsenal manager speaks so clearly like he did, there is no point in trying to hide or deny," Mourinho said.

"But [it is] not done, not done at all. In this moment (Henrikh) Mkhitaryan our player, Sanchez is an Arsenal player. With a match tomorrow, I want to switch off and focus on what is the most important thing."

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Mourinho added that he only informed Manchester United management he wanted Sanchez, but he is not involved in the negotiations.

"Sometimes people think transfers involve the managers a lot in the negotiations. I think it depends a lot on the profile of the club, the way we establish our jobs and in my case when it goes to the table of negotiations I like to be out.

"I'm out. I will just be calmly waiting for news. No more than that."

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