Jose Mourinho in his usual characteristic manner is putting up a defense on why his team lost.

Manchester United were on Tuesday night beaten 2-1 by Real Madrid in a Super Cup game against Real Madrid but Mourinho suggests things could have been different if a Video Assistant Referee, VAR was in use.  

Mourinho told BT Sport after the game: "I think we did well, I think we lost to one goal which shows the result was really short and one of their goals was an offside. With a good VAR system it would be 1-1 and extra-time.

"They could have scored more goals than they did, we could have scored more goals than we did. They had a period of dominance at middle of the first half and we had a period of dominance at middle of the second half.

"We were playing a team full of fantastic players, we discussed the result until almost the end. I say almost because with Cristiano Ronaldo coming on, because every time Ronaldo wanted a free kick the game was stopped. We gave them a fight but have reasons to leave optimistic and proud. Let's go for Sunday."

Man United will host West Ham United on the first weekend of the Premier League season at Old Trafford.