No one is sure why she did it.

A mother, Aisha Yau, attempted to kill her 3-month-old baby boy by placing the innocent boy under the wheel of a parked trailer.

The would-be murderer was sighted by curious passersby who noticed a toddler under the wheel of the trailer, the woman was urging the trailer driver to crush the boy.

According to eye witnesses, the mother of the boy prevented people around the area from rescuing the boy, urging the driver to move the trailer and crush the boy to death.

It took the intervention of the State Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajia Hafsat Mohammed Baba for the child to be rescued.

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The mother of the boy who later agreed to speak to journalists said she wanted to kill the baby because the alleged father had denied the child was his own.

"I came to see one of my suitors in Kaduna from Taraba, though I don't know his name but I know his shop in Kasuwan Baici (a popular market in Kaduna known for selling second hand clothes) here in Kaduna.

''He got me pregnant but he denied the pregnancy and refused to take care of me and the baby. So, I want to kill the baby to save myself from shame", she said.

The Women Affairs Commissioner directed the social department in her ministry to take the young woman to the hospital for medical examination and treatment before ensuring mother and child return safely back to Taraba State.

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