The rate at which cases of domestic violence is increasing is becoming more alarming, even parents are become inhuman to their own children

A 16-year-old girl, Aishat Sheriff, is the victim of another case of child abuse reported by Chosen Child Orphanage Home, located at Gastya Estate, Ijora-Badia, Lagos.

Her upper and lower right limbs were allegedly burnt by her biological mother, one Ayo Sheriff, by means of an electric pressing iron over a minor misunderstanding.

Young Aisha is a student of a secondary school and also a part-time student nurse in auxiliary capacity.

Her boss gave her the sum of 500 Naira with an instruction to hand 200 Naira to someone on her way home, use 50 Naira as transport fare and return the balance of 250 the next day.

However, on the day she was supposed to return the balance of the money to her boss, the victim defaulted.

She told her boss that the money was with her mother. The boss called her mother on the phone and she denied knowledge of the money.

When the victim returned home from work, her mother was already waiting for her with an electric iron plugged and switched on.

The 30-year-old woman waited until the iron was red hot and used it to welcome her daughter home, accusing her of being a disgrace to the family.

The Lagos police commissioner was reportedly miffed at the sight of the horrible wounds inflicted on a child by her mother.

The Gender Section of the Command, headed by SP (Mrs) Adejoke Cole, has concluded investigation into the case and would charge the suspect to Ikeja Magistrate Court on Monday April 30, 2018.

Meanwhile the girl and her two younger siblings are being sheltered in Chosen Child Orphanage Home.

How difficult can it be for parents to correct their children in love?


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