The embattled Rector of Igbajo Polytechnic, Igbajo, Osun State, Akinola Olaolu  is in more trouble.

The University of Lagos Akoka says he did not obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the institution.

Olaolu had claimed in his CV that he attended the university for his first degree.

But, the Principal Assistant Registrar, Communications Unit of university, Taiwo Oloyede, said the institution did not have a record of him.

The University of Ibadan (UI) had earlier disclaimed a Doctorate of Philosophy degree Olaolu claimed to have obtained from the insititution.

Director, Public Communications, UI, Olatunji Oladejo, disclaimed the result, saying there was no record of it at the varsity.

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Olaolu came into the Igbajo Polytechnic,  a community-owned tertiary institution in December 2015 as a deputy Rector to the former Rector, Tanimowo Oke.

However, because Olaolu claimed to have a PhD in Economics from the University of Ibadan, his arrival reportedly led to the removal of Oke, who had a master’s degree.

Olaolu took over the helms of affair at the school in 2016.

More than a year after his arrival, he was reported to have refused to produce his purported PhD certificate, as he submitted only a notification of result to obtain the job.

Olaolu travails began after workers of institution claimed that there was nothing to suggest that he had a PhD due to his style of leadership in the polytechnic.

There had been a clash between students of the institution and policemen from the Osun State Police Command, leading to over 20 students being reportedly hospitalised.

Since the clash, which the workers said was an offshoot of the certificate scandal, the scrutiny under which the doctorate’s claim had come, had assumed a life of its own.

When contacted  on phone by our correspondent and told both UNILAG and UI have disclaimed his BSc and PhD certificates, Olaolu said he is ready to meet our correspondent, adding that he would only allow "sighting" of the document.

"I have documents to show and prove that I was admitted  and graduated in these institutions", he said before he angrily hung up the phone.

He has since refused to pick his calls or respond to text messages requesting when our correspondent can come for the documents sighting.